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Learning the investment basics is like learning a new kind of language. Here we will discuss the Indian share market, stocks and other investment vehicles. Definitely, this will be fun. It’s no wonder when you will learn certain investing basics, you’ll enjoy and understand how much all this necessary to start. I like to assist you on that journey. Online Farrago will provide you some handful article of the most common types of investment. So, friends let’s start.

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What are Nifty and Sensex? – Indian Stock Market Basics

We all are familiar with these two terms – NSE [National stock exchange] and BSE [Bombay Stock Exchange]. These are the largest and most important stock exchanges in India. Nifty and Sensex both are the indices of these two stock exchanges severally. Nifty and Sensex work as the primary stock market indices of NSE andRead more…

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Difference between Trading and Investing: Must know

Many people assume that trading and investing are two synonymous terms but there are very fine differences between them. Why the confusion? Trading and Investing creates confusion because they are very similar for a beginner on a few points. Trading means simply buying and selling of any financial instrument, i.e. share, stock, bond, commodity, etc.Read more…

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