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Difference between Trading and Investing: Must know

Many people assume that trading and investing are two synonymous terms but there are very fine differences between them. Why the confusion? Trading and Investing creates confusion because they are very similar for a beginner on a few points. Trading means simply buying and selling of any financial instrument, i.e. share, stock, bond, commodity, etc.Read more…

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image of Stock Exchanges in India – All in 1

Stock Exchanges in India – All in 1 List

The stock exchange is the most crucial part of the share market. Indian stock market is one of the oldest and the robust market in Asia. It houses Asia’s first stock exchange – Bombay Stock Exchange, popularly known as BSE. Most of us know about only these two stock exchanges in India- Bombay stock exchangeRead more…

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Difference between Mutual Fund and Stock Market Investment

There are plenty of preferences for investment is open in the market for the investors. All among these, mutual fund and stock market investors are swiftly turning out to be an excellent and quite intelligent source of income, especially for this generation of people. But investors, moreover the newbies sometimes become confused that whether theyRead more…

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Bull and Bear market in the Indian Stock Market

Bull and Bear market one of the most basic and important concepts in stock market investment. You often heard that investors are discussing in a news channel or newspaper that the market is bullish or bearish. Therefore, if you are a beginner in the Indian stock market, then before start you must know what theRead more…

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