Indian Stock Market Holidays in 2019

Indian Stock Market Holidays in 2019

The Indian stock market holidays include the national holidays and the regional public holidays. This holiday schedule is quite important for those who are trading through national stock exchanges – NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

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NSE and BSE have five working days a week, i.e., Monday – Friday. All the exchanges remain closed on all Saturdays and Sundays. The equity market trading time is 9:15 AM to 03:30 PM.

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Sometimes the stock exchange market is closed on a different day other than the official holiday. It usually happens if a holiday falls on a non-business day.

The following lists will help you plan according to the Indian stock market holidays in 2019. But please remember these dates may be changed if any official change announced further.

BSE & NSE Holidays in 2019

# Holidays Date Day
1 Mahashivratri March 4, 2019 Monday
2 Holi March 21, 2019 Thursday
3 Mahavir Jayanti April 17,2019 Wednesday
4 Good Friday April 19,2019 Friday
5 Maharashtra Day May 01,2019 Wednesday
6 Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id) June 5,2019 Wednesday
7 Bakri Id August 12,2019 Monday
8 Independence Day August 15,2019 Thursday
9Ganesh ChaturthiSeptember 2,2019Monday
10MuharramSeptember 10,2019Tuesday
11Mahatma Gandhi JayantiOctober 2,2019Wednesday
12DussehraOctober 08,2019Tuesday
13Diwali BalipratipadaOctober 28,2019Monday
14Gurunanak JayantiNovember 12,2019Tuesday
15ChristmasDecember 25,2019Wednesday

Stock Market Holidays Falling on Saturday and Sunday

Holidays Date Day
Republic Day January 26,2019 Saturday
Ram Navami April 13,2019 Saturday
Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti April 14,2019 Sunday
Diwali Laxmi Puja * October 27,2019 Sunday

* Muhurat Trading takes place in the evening of Diwali – Laxmi Puja. In this year it will be held on Sunday, October 27, 2019. Usually, the Mahurat trading time is declared just a few days before Diwali.

Holidays for Clearing & Settlement

In addition, the following holidays were announced for Clearing & Settlement for NSE and BSE.

# Holiday Date Day
1 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti 19-02-19 Tuesday
2 Mahashivratri 04-03-19 Monday
3 Holi 21-03-19 Thursday
4 Annual Closing of Banks 01-04-19 Monday
5 Mahavir Jayanti 17-04-19 Wednesday
6 Good Friday 19-04-19 Friday
7 Maharashtra Day 01-05-19 Wednesday
8 Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan ID) 05-06-19 Wednesday
9 Bakri ID 12-08-19 Monday
10 Independence Day 15-08-19 Thursday
11 Ganesh Chaturthi 02-09-19 Monday
12 Moharram 10-09-19 Tuesday
13 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 02-10-19 Wednesday
14 Dasera 08-10-19 Tuesday
15 Diwali-Balipratipada 28-10-19 Monday
16 Gurunanak Jayanti 12-11-19 Tuesday
17 Christmas 25-12-19 Wednesday

MCX Trading Holidays for Commodity

Firstly, MCX trading timing divided into two sessions.

  • Morning session – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Evening session – 5:00 PM – 11:30 PM or 11:55 PM
# Holidays Date Day Morning Session Evening Session
1 New Year 01-01-19 Tuesday Open Closed
2 Mahashivratri 04-03-19 Monday Closed Open
3 Holi (2nd day) 21-03-19 Thursday Closed Open
4 Mahavir Jayanti 17-04-19 Wednesday Closed Open
5 Good Friday 19-04-19 Friday Closed Closed
6 Maharashtra Day 01-05-19 Wednesday Closed Open
7 Ramzan ID (Id-UI- Fitr) 05-06-19 Wednesday Closed Open
8 Bakri ID (Id-UI- Zua) 12-08-19 Monday Closed Open
9 Independence Day 15-08-19 Thursday Closed Closed
10 Ganesh Chaturthi 02-09-19 Monday Closed Open
11 Moharram 10-09-19 Tuesday Closed Open
12 Gandhi Jayanti 02-10-19 Wednesday Closed Closed
13 Dassera 08-10-19 Tuesday Closed Open
14 Diwali – Balipratipada 28-10-19 Monday Closed Open
15 Guru Nanak Jayanti 12-11-19 Tuesday Closed Open
16 Christmas 25-12-19 Wednesday Closed Closed

In conclusion, I hope the article on ‘Indian Stock Market Holidays in 2019’ will be helpful for you. Please leave your queries in the comment section and let us know your views regarding this article.

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