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How do I switch between multiple Gmail accounts?

Nowadays, lots of us have multiple Gmail account for different reasons. Google provides us with a number of tools to make our life easy. We spent a huge portion of our time in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Photos, Google Translator and many more. So, we need multiple accounts and access them in no time. So, the question is, How do I switch between multiple Gmail accounts?

Most importantly, you can switch between accounts without Sign out from other. Let see how can you do this.

First login in the first account form this link

add account button image
Fig 1. – Gmail add account button

After entering the account, in the top right corner click on the profile image and select Add Account button.

Automatically, it will redirect in the Sign in page without Sign out from the current account. Now Sign in for another account from here. In this way we can add all the Gmail account we have to access.

added second account image
Fig 2. – Added second Gmail account

Another account now included in the list. For switching between the accounts just click on the account name in the list. It will open in the other tab. 

So, it’s ready. In this way, you can open multiple Gmail account at the same time and you can switch between multiple Gmail account easily.

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